Scholars enter new school year

The start of the new school year is not only a time to get ahead in classes, rather it is also a time for the Evans Scholars in the Miami chapter to bond. This bonding has been accomplished by a number of events hosted by the chapter in order to both assimilate the new Scholars and to drive the relationships among existing Scholars.

One of these events was the annual canoeing trip that the Miami chapter takes every year. On the second weekend of the school year Scholars drove to a nearby river and rented two-person canoes. Every freshman was paired with an upperclassman to help the new Scholars get acclimated with the older Scholars. Overall, the float down the river was a blast and everyone enjoyed spending the day on the water with their fellow Scholars.

Besides the canoeing trip, Scholars have spent time bonding through a fantasy football draft. Food was enjoyed, and Scholars playfully bantered about who would win the league. Scholars have also spent time bonding at a picnic and a  dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Overall, all of these events have been a huge success and they have been pivotal in helping the younger Scholars get to know the older Scholars and the Evans Scholars Program.