Two weeks deep

  • A drone shot of everyone gathered around the Evans Scholars sign.

Two weeks down! Everyone at the Miami Evans Scholarship House is settled in and we are ready for a great year.

On Sept. 1, we enjoyed some burgers and hot dogs at a tailgate in the Millett parking lot before the RedHawks vs. Marshall game. That night, a power outage knocked the internet out, which was followed by mass confusion. One technician visit later, we were back in action and still at the grindstone for classes.

The freshmen have been acclimating well to college life! The vice president of New Scholars, Austin DiPaolo, says, "They are all settling in great and have gotten off to a strong start for the year." Study sessions keep them on the right path for success by helping them to form strong study habits.

Although the on-campus club recruiting event Mega Fair has been delayed twice, we still plan on getting the freshmen as involved as possible on campus.

As for the future, we have quite a few events lined up. Picture day is this Wednesday, so visit then if you want to see Scholars looking their sharpest (from the waist up!).

Evans Scholars plan to hit the soccer field in a 6v6 outdoor soccer team in the coming weeks.

On the topic of sports, a house draft pick is currently ongoing. Sean Lantry selected Todd Gurley of the Rams as his top pick, so it is clear that this is shaping up to be an exciting draft pick. Only time will tell how it ends.

Finally, the Saint Mary's pancake breakfast charity event is planned for Oct. 7, so skip dinner the night before and show up hungry!

All in all, we are optimistic about this year and cannot wait to see what it has in store for us. Check in later for more updates on important events or happenings relating to the Miami Evans Scholars!