Breakfast of champions

  • Scholars flipping pancakes and grilling bacon for the customers.
  • Scholars advertising the scholar breakfast on high street.
  • The dining area provided by St. Mary's Church before being desecrated with syrup.

Do you like pancakes? Bacon? How about some juice? If you do, its only another 362 days (give or take a week) until you can eat up for a great cause! Erin Cronin organized our annual St. Mary's Pancake Breakfast fundraiser; this year raising money for melanoma research.

Saint Mary's was kind enough to let us use their building to host the breakfast where we served up pancakes, bacon, juice and coffee for $5 (try getting that deal at IHOP) to anyone stopping by.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, "Just regular pancakes?" No, Sir/Madam! At the Miami Evans Scholars Pancake Breakfast, you get access to chocolate chip pancakes as well to satisfy that sweet tooth. Who knows, next year we might even have banana pancakes? 

But enough about the food, let's talk about the event itself.
We ended up raising over $400 at the breakfast, which has been added to melanoma research fund. You can donate to the cause directly at to help make this disease mela-no-more!

Erin Cronin, who stayed for the entirety of the event, said that there were 40-50 people who came by! Overall it was a great experience that had all of us Scholars bonding over flipping pancakes and having a good time.

Just remember, if you stop by next year, you will not only be supporting a good cause, but also enjoying a balanced breakfast.