All Aboard!

  • John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge
  • Sam Grillo posing for the camera in front of the dance floor on the riverboat.
  • Scholars enjoying the brisk, river wind on the deck of the riverboat.

This past Friday was our semi-formal that took place aboard a riverboat on the Ohio River. It was a beautiful night to be out on the water, and everyone had a great time. Once aboard, we were served a Mexican buffet that was taken full advantage of by the passengers.

There were two floors on the riverboat available during the trip. The first was where the buffet was held and, later into the night, a dance floor. It was a heated indoor dining'n'dancing area. There was also an outdoor deck with a great view of downtown Cincinnati and Newport.

Although a bit chilly, we got extremely lucky as it was near freezing the days following and preceding the event, but comfortable when we were at the boat. 

Everyone had an amazing time peacefully traveling along the river. An event like this is exactly what many of us needed before starting finals week.